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Creeker is an Appalachian folk and bluegrass band that was started in 2003 when Tom went to do a cultural show and
was run off. He and cousin Danny Whitaker decided to visit an old friend, Jackie Williams. Jackie had had his own band
had played with Bluegrass artist Charlie Sizemore. This started a very close musical bond that would last for some time.

Throughout the 12 years the band has used Adrian Dick Preston, his nieces Jincy Baily and Meloydee Stephens, Tina and
Myrtle (Jackie's sisters), and many of Jackie's nieces and nephews have been used in the band. We started out by playing
bluegrass with some folk and country but slowly the bluegrass has moved to more folk and blues. The songs that we had
used have been the old mountain gospel songs, a lot of the traditional folk and bluegrass, with Tom Whitaker supplying
many of the songs which he had written over the years.

Creeker has played many shows, benefits and cultural nights for the CDGroup, ASP, festivals and other organization events
over the years. Creeker performed in PCC's Phi Theta Kappa at the Gearheart Auditorium in 2004. They also performed at
the reception for bluegrass artist Charlie Sizemore at the Mountain Arts Center. Creeker has become an Appalachian legend.

Williams has been the glue that held the band together. Many other artists have said he has the best ear of anyone they
have ever been around. He also has directed and produced all of the CDs of Creeker. Creeker captures the songs and the
feel of Appalachia, as well as reaching into the spiritual and unknown world with their music.

Visit our band's page at Bandcamp to preview and purchase our music in digital MP3 format.

If you would like to purchase physical CDs rather than MP3s you may order them below. CDs are $10 each, free shipping.

Both Sides CD I'm a Comin' Home CD Crazy Creeker CD
Both Sides of the Creek I'm Comin' Home Crazy Creeker

Mama She Loves the Mountains CD The Word The Journey
Mama She Loved the Mountains The Word The Journey

Creeker Band Members

  • Jackie Williams: Singer, musician (banjo, guitar,
    Dobro, mandolin, fiddle), director, producer.
  • Tom J. Whitaker: Lead singer, rhythm guitar,
    song writer and sponsor of Creeker.
  • Danny Whitaker: Rhythm guitar, lead guitar
  • Adrian Preston: Barotone lead and tenor
    singer, lead and harmony guitar
  • Julius Mullins: Blues guitar, singer

Special Appearances

Tina Back, Myrtle Williams Reed, Meloydee Marshal Stephens, Jincy Marshall Bailey,
Chuck Whitaker, recordings by Herald Whitaker, and Papaw Jack's Grandchildren.

"Creeker is about music everywhere. It is a blend of folk, spiritual, bluegrass, blues and a combination of all."